The Macon Music Trail is an online resource and directory of Macon’s local music history, current scene and tourism opportunities. This site was created by Visit Macon to provide a wealth of information to tour, explore and experience Macon, Georgia’s greatest export, import and attraction: The Music.

The Trail’s website is a comprehensive look at all things Macon Music and allows users to interact with Macon’s music scene both past and present, creating their own unique experience.

“Visit Macon is excited to launch the Macon Music Trail website as a showcase of our wonderful musical heritage and live music scene. Not only does this initiative promote Macon as a music destination, it serves as a resource for musicians, performers and venues to connect, communicate and collaborate. Macon is one of the most richest musical destinations in America, and the Macon Music Trail will serve as a portal for the world to experience our culture” said President and CEO of Visit Macon, Gary Wheat.

In conjunction with Historic Macon and Rock Candy Tours, Visit Macon plays an integral role to the Historic Macon Music Registry and its ongoing documentation project that interprets and celebrates Macon’s rich and diverse music heritage. The content of the Macon Music Trail website was written by Rock Candy Tours’ Co-owner Jessica Walden.